Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My experience in the Judging I think is not fair because, they judge on the demos and ours was great. I think every one in group D did awesome. We did great because my team did not even take up notes to present and the teachers said we did great we only said um... once, but honestly we all did great. You know you don't always win.I think my experience on The 6 weeks was very complicated that is when you get nervous and you freak out and you try to do your best. In your game you have to do every thing so precisely to get in the finals. The finalists are The Tech Tigers, Loco Cinco, and The Belly Floppers. Loco Cinco and The Tech Tigers are in group D and I think The Belly Floppers are in Group C. All the teams did graet the deserved to win that prize. I think all the teams are going to win a prize. I think that is because Mrs.miller said that. I think that we should all get a prize because we all worked our hardest and we all did every thing we are supposed to do.

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